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Closet Drawers with Style

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A must have for any Mom looking to organize their children's drawers. 

A Long Island Mom

I just wanted to say Thank You.  I don't usually send in testimonials, but I spent one afternoon trying out the folding boards and putting on the wraps.  It really did make all the difference.  Usually, every morning after the kids go to school I find their closet piles in disarray. Now, they look super cute and neat. 

Michelle, New York, NY

Was skeptical at first but now I want to order these for every room in my house.  With a toddler and a new born I can now fold and forget for a while.  

Ally, Glen Rock, NJ

What a bargain and what a difference these folding boards made in my house.  I definitley recommend the folding boards from My Closet

Lisa from Aventura, FL

More About My Closet


No More Messy Closets

Our adorable sets of folding boards keep each article of clothing in Neat, Compact Piles.

Use 1 board for each shirt and top them off with the My Closet Buddy wraps.  If one shirt is moved, the others now stay in place.  

My Folding Buddy boards work great for girl and boy t-shirt sizes 0-14 years old.

Sets of 10 folding boards start at $15.99.

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Chiffon Flower Clips and Wraps

Turn your closet into a beautiful boutique by topping off your beautiful piles of clothing in style with large chiffon flower clips that attach to your silky clothing wraps.  Only $1.50/piece.  

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Dress Up Your Closets

Love your Closets Again! Transform and show them off.  

Mix and Match sets and accessories. 

The Dress it Up Package is only $29.99 (package of 15 boards, 5 wraps and 2 flower clips)

Buy 2 sets for $49.99

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The Jesse Ballerina X Hair Clip Holder

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